Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fat Fridays: Beignet Café

Why does everything taste better on vacation? My husband and I met up with our respective sisters and brother-in-law for a few days of fun and skiing in Vail, Colorado. While my ambitious husband took advantage of the Fly In Ski Free program (I get antsy about unpacking and settling in as soon as I get somewhere), my sister and I took advantage of one of Vail Village's newest establishments; Beignet Café. A fancy version of a mini donut, the café's beignets come in a multitude of flavors including snickers and peanut butter.

We were steered toward original by eager employees- assuring us it was the ultimate- but we chose for ourselves. Hot out of the fryer and bursting with goodness, our beignets of choice, chocolate chip and oreo, get an A+ in my book. My only complaint, I didn't make it back to try the other flavors.

Chocolate chip and oreo beignets- not a bad way to start vacation


  1. wow delicious beignets in Vail, CO.... must. be. nice.