Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Indoor Herb Garden

Every year as spring hits I try my hand at gardening (if you can call the corner of a small NYC balcony a garden), and every year I end up with pots of brown, dried out plants. I think I'm neglectful because all the action is happening outside- out of sight, out of mind. This year, I decided to switch it up and move my greenery indoors. I bought two heavily discounted lanterns from Pottery Barn (the sales associate honored a mismarked tag and I got a major bargain), a bag of potting soil and two pots from Home Depot, and a variety of herbs from the Union Square Greenmarket. A little water and voilĂ - my indoor herb garden was born. Here's hoping it lasts...

I think the rosemary is the most fragrant of the bunch
Although the sign is misspelled, I couldn't pass up the $1 price
Pots of mint
Sage plants sitting in the sunshine
Thyme- the herb I tend to use most often
Basil, just peaking through the soil
Oregano with a recipe card for "pizza night"
One pot of herbs on my ledge
A close-up with the door of the lantern open for a quick watering

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