Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve: The Newborn Version

New Year's Eve has never been a favorite of mine. Plans tend to get overhyped for a night that usually ends up playing out just like any other. After weeks of ordering in and sleepless nights with a 3-week old at home, this New Year's Eve was the most exciting I've had in a long time. Like a card-carrying member of a senior citizens brigade, I headed out with my husband, sister and friends of ours to a 5:30 seating at Blue Hill. We finished a 4-course tasting menu (including dishes like chestnut soup, a slow poached egg with veggies, roasted duck, and peanut butter mousse with chocolate sponge cake and hazelnut praline) in time to make it home to feed and spend the rest of the night, and the beginning of 2012, with this little guy-


  1. Dinner was amazing and I totally miss that little peanut

  2. No better way to spend holidays than with the ones you love.