Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flu Remedy: The Juice Press

I was completely out of commission the past several days (hence no Market Mondays this week). Like a silent assassin, flu symptoms took over my body in the middle of the night and wreaked havoc for days. I honestly can't remember being so violently sick, and so weak, and so sad that I couldn't get near my baby (not surprisingly, my husband proved he could easily manage as a single dad- although somehow the ability to do laundry escapes him, so our son would likely be sporting a new outfit every day of the week). Once the illness worked itself through my system, I focused on recovering with rest and plenty of fluids. My drink of choice for a surefire flu remedy- The Juice Press' pineapple tropi-zyme.

Combining pineapple juice, ginger, and wheatgrass, pineapple tropi-zyme is touted as a great recovery drink for workouts, hangovers, flu symptoms, and burning man events (it also apparently stops hallucinations in case you're in the market for a hallucination stopper). Not the most appetizing of beverages (I'm a fan of ginger, but this drink is incredibly ginger heavy- so much so that it burns your nose), the 8-ounce bottle worked its magic quickly...I was back in business later that day, a little worse for the wear.

A small bottle of the green concoction will set you back $7
Fast acting, allowing me to get back to more important things...


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Sorry I couldn't be there to help. Maybe you should have let me in on the remedy sooner. Miss those lips. XXXXOO