Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend Eat-A-Thon

While my husband was otherwise engaged this past weekend, my cousin Kathy flew in from Buffalo to keep me company. Since my activities are somewhat limited these days (I get pretty winded trying to accomplish what used to be the easiest of tasks), her short visit consisted of food, food and more food. Some highlights from our multi-day eat-a-thon (we hit ABC Kitchen, Union Square Cafe, Ciano, Max Brenner, L.A. Burdick Chocolate, Beecher's Cheese, and Colicchio & Sons) are below.

Surprisingly, the most disappointing food of the weekend came from ABC Kitchen. The seasonal donuts left a lot to be desired. From left to right- concord grape glaze (no grape taste whatsoever), raspberry jelly with lemon sugar (the best of the bunch- but I don't know how it's seasonal), and chocolate glaze with cocoa nibs (I thought the donut itself was too airy for the heavy glaze, and again- what's seasonal about chocolate and cocoa nibs?)
Kathy, hair blowing in her face, enjoying a thick hot chocolate from Max Brenner while I sampled the O.M.G. Chocolate Chunk Cookie- delicious
Our favorite meal of the trip was had at Union Square Cafe- below is Kathy's lamb special. My ricotta gnocchi isn't shown- but was a picture of pillowy perfection
Dessert at Union Square Cafe- pear and oatmeal cookie crumble with ginger ice cream
The server at Collichio & Sons gave me a bit of 'tude when I asked for maple syrup with these outstanding pumpkin pancakes- but it didn't stop me from soaking up every last drop, in addition to the accompanying honey butter, ginger whipped cream, and pomegranate seeds
The juices wouldn't stop flowing from the TC burger, topped with drunk onions and pecorino