Monday, November 14, 2011

Market Mondays: Concord Grape Pizza

I've been on a major juice kick during the latter half of my pregnancy. My drink of choice, Welch's 100% Grape Juice. Under normal (nonpregnant) circumstances, I find it overly cloying, but now I can't get enough of the sweet grape flavor. So when I passed by baskets overflowing with concord grapes at the Union Square Greenmarket, I instantly thought about incorporating them into this week's Market Mondays dish- and a star was born. Using pre-made dough from Eataly, I put together a concord grape pizza with ricotta, rosemary, and honey. Not the most conventional combo, but a nice after-dinner treat.

I braved a swarm of bees to grab a box of concord grapes
I was lucky to find freshly made ricotta
I chose rosemary from a basket of herbs- a late bloomer this season
Berkshire Berries' rooftop honey
A close-up of the dessert pie

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