Friday, November 25, 2011

Fat Fridays: Chozen

I spent my last Fat Fridays in November attempting to beat unseasonably warm (60+ degrees) temps with Chozen's Matzoh Crunch. Created by Ronnie Fisher and her two daughters, Chozen is a line of all natural ice creams inspired by Jewish holidays, traditional desserts and family recipes. The Matzoh Crunch flavor combines vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate coated matzoh (I posted a recipe for outstanding Matzoh Toffee-Chocolate Crackers here).

While I think it is a wonderful idea to add a rich holiday treat to smooth ice cream, the clusters of matzoh don't retain their crunchy texture (at least they didn't in the batch I bought), and the mushy consistency wasn't something I anticipated or enjoyed. Unfortunately, this week was a Fat Fridays bust- one I won't be repeating anytime soon.

Chozen's all natural ice cream is sold at Garden Of Eden
A spoonful of the Matzoh Crunch

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