Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar's Sweet Potato Dumpling

Available for at least the next three months, Rickshaw Dumpling Bar's latest seasonal vegetarian dumpling is a welcome addition to the menu. Encased in the popular chain's standard dumpling wrapper is sweet potato- mashed to a smooth consistency with butter, salt and pepper, and whole corn kernels. A sekom dipping sauce is served alongside.

The creamy, warm taste of buttery sweet potatoes, the sweet crunch and pop of fresh corn kernels, and the ginger-zing of the sekom dipping sauce combine to make this dumpling a simple treat bursting with the flavors of fall. A carton of 6 steamed dumplings costs a reasonable $6.25.

I went in for the edamame dumpling but when I saw this sign, I walked out with a 6-pack of the new sweet potato dumpling
The dumplings are held in steamer baskets behind the kitchen's glass walls
A look inside Rickshaw Dumpling Bar's new sweet potato dumpling


  1. Had these yesterday and they're awesome

  2. i also had them.. they gave me a boner