Friday, October 28, 2011

Fat Fridays: Doughnut Plant

I rarely eat doughnuts. Calorie bombs with zero nutritional value, I don't find them to be particularly filling. I'll eat one, mindlessly reach for a second, and then I'm falling down a slippery slope with nothing to grasp hold of. Before I know it, I'm shaming myself, staring at a box of crumbs from what started as a half-dozen doughnuts.

I recently passed by Doughnut Plant's sidewalk billboard, advertising a seasonal pumpkin doughnut, and decided to treat myself to ONE. As soon as I stepped foot inside, I diverted from my initial plan of attack. Displayed prominently on the metal counter, I spotted a sign for the cake doughnut of the day- chocolate chip cookie. I had to change my order for one simple reason: chocolate chip cookie + doughnut = no chance of resistance. Priced at $3, the outstanding doughnut is flecked with chopped walnuts and chocolate chips, surrounded by a chocolate glaze, and rolled in chocolate chip cookie crumbs. Moist and nutty with sweet chocolate and crunchy cookie crumbs, it was gone in record time and made for one of the more memorable Fat Fridays indulgences.

The cake doughnut of the day at Chelsea's Doughnut Plant
The chocolate chip cookie doughnut, ready to be devoured
Layer upon layer of deliciousness

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  1. I would have went for the pumpkin. Mmmm.