Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Death By Amorino

I recently read an article that stated, "Consumption of ice cream increases during the summer and so does the number of people who drown. Therefore, eating ice cream causes drowning." The article attempted to use this nonsensical approach to prove an unrelated point (something to do with alcohol and drunk driving), but I couldn't focus on the author's conclusion. I got sidetracked thinking about ice cream and drowning, or rather drowning in ice cream.

It has been so incredibly hot lately that the idea actually seems plausible. So, if I were to drown myself in cool, creamy goodness what brand would I choose to meet my end? In record time, and for 3 simple reasons, I settled on Amorino's gelato: 1. there's no denying its deliciousness; 2. no matter what the size (from a piccolo cornetto to a grandisima coppa) you can request as many flavors as you can handle- all for the same price; and 3. once filled with gelato, each cup or cone is made to resemble a blossoming flower.

The French-based company's first American store opened in June on University and 10th
In addition to a wide variety of mouth-watering gelato, a number of sorbet flavors are available
A blossoming combination of pistachio, amarena, and caramello with fleur de sel
The piccolo cornetto (small cone)- I stopped myself with only three flavors
The focaccina (sweet sandwich) comes with sugar $3.50, gianduja or chocolate $5.25, apricot or wild strawberry organic jam $5.25, or may be filled with your choice of gelato $7.50
Amorino's gelato is made with organic fresh eggs, fresh milk and seasonal fruits and can be found in Milan, Paris, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Innbruck, and now- NYC

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  1. That's one good looking flower!