Thursday, December 9, 2010

Help Getting Well

I would never wish sickness or injury on another person, let alone someone that I live with (Full disclosure- I once willed a college professor immediate pain and suffering after he humiliated me by informing 20+ classmates the answer I had given him was a stupid response to a simple question. He was a Jesuit priest teaching theology- how could I argue, especially given the fact it was a mandatory subject and I had no desire to be there?). That being said, I do sometimes long for the treats that inevitably accompany sickness or injury- "Here's a big basket of delicious sweets to help with a speedy recovery!". Who wouldn't get better at the sight of one of those baskets?!

My husband went under the knife this week to repair a torn acl, and in the days following his operation the sugar starting flowing into our apartment...

Butterfly Bakeshop's chunky oatmeal cranberry cookies
Mariebelle's Belle-Helene chocolate bars
A 2.5 quart of Baci Gelato's stracciatella gelato and mini cones
An assortment of Mrs. Fields' nibblers and brownie bites


  1. Now I don't feel bad that I never got around to sending some treats. Feel better my favorite brother in law! ...and remember those treats are for him - not you!