Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chelsea CSA: Week 18

I found myself too preoccupied (in a good way) to think of anything creative to make with Tuesday's farm share. A friend just published her first book and the launch party, complete with champagne and mini cupcakes from Baked By Melissa, was held Tuesday night. As I carried two big bags heavy with week 18's vegetables and fruits (beets, acorn and delicata squash, shallots, peppers, red russian kale, tomatoes, carrots, sage, macoun and mutsu apples, and bosc pears), I decided to take a fast, simple approach to dinner. I chose to forego dessert, knowing that I would be sampling bite-sized cupcakes at the launch party.

Once my apartment door closed behind me, I went to work roasting one small beet and one delicata squash with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper- the only real prep that needed to be done for the night's meal (a flatbread appetizer followed by a whole wheat wrap). After they cooled enough to handle, I diced the beet and half the squash. I assembled the cubes over flatbread with honeyed mascarpone, arugula, and toasted pine nuts, and finished the easy appetizer with a few drops of Meyer lemon olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Using the tines of a fork as my tool of choice, I smashed the remaining squash with cooked garbanzo beans and slathered the spread on a whole wheat wrap. I topped it with sharp cheddar cheese, strips of raw kale, and sliced apples and pears. A little Meyer lemon olive oil (I know- I use this all the time- but it was already on the counter from the appetizer!) and salt and pepper completed the wrap.

Bosc pears with macoun and mutsu apples

The colorful and delicious flatbread appetizer

A halved delicata squash mashed with cooked garbanzo beans- packed with protein

Although it was made with lightning speed and little thought, the wrap was outstanding

A look inside the satisfying dinner-worthy wrap

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