Monday, July 5, 2010

Grilled Cookies

My husband and I spent Fourth of July weekend with friends in Westhampton. Each of us arrived from a bustling, hot and humid Manhattan and had no problem taking full advantage of our breezy, relaxed surroundings; surroundings that included a holiday necessity- an outdoor grill (simple formula: grill + July 4th = undeniably patriotic). We grilled everything from farmer's market veggies to locally harvested clams.

Enamored with the ease at which our meals were prepared- one friend morphed into somewhat of a grill snob and jokingly (or so he'd have us believe) refused to eat any food that hadn't been grilled. His proclamation led to a delicious new (new to us) discovery- grilled cookies. We took Fresh Direct's frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls- placed them on tin foil in a grill with a temperature that hovered around 350 degrees- and let them grill for approximately 20 minutes. A simple idea with fantastic results- the final batch of cookies were crisp on the bottom, soft on the top, and gone in a matter of minutes.

The starting point- frozen cookie dough balls

At 12 minutes- still gooey

Done after approx. 20 minutes


  1. Need to try this

  2. Very cool idea . . . now if only I had a grill!


  3. To funny...I was just talking to my step daughter about grilling cookies....she did not think that it could be she knows it can be done.

  4. Strange, I don't know it was possible to do cookie on barbecue !