Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rita's Water Ice

The Upper West Side's new frozen treat outpost, Rita's Water Ice, is the perfect destination on a warm, sunny day. The small shop is located on Broadway between 92nd and 93rd streets and boasts tempting sweets like custard, gelati, and fat-free Italian ice. After sampling two cool flavors of Italian ice- the limited edition peeps (bright yellow in color with a sugary marshmallow taste- peeps aren't my candy of choice but I had to give the limited edition flavor a try), and mint chocolate chip (refreshingly minty and studded with mini chocolate chips)- I settled on a cup of the s'mores flavor. I was curious to find out how my favorite campfire treat would translate into Italian ice. I instantly fell in love and envision the s'mores flavored Italian ice becoming a favorite summertime indulgence. The smooth taste of toasted marshmallow, sweet graham cracker, and chocolate are as good frozen in a cup as they are melted on the end of a stick.

A generous "small" cup of s'mores Italian ice


  1. I want some peep flavored ice!!!!