Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chimayo Restaurant

Chimayo, a cozy restaurant specializing in Southwestern cuisine, came highly recommended by Park City locals and tourists alike. With a track record of disappointing Park City dinners, my friend Sarah and I went into Chimayo with open minds and eager appetites. We were comfortably seated by a wood-burning fireplace and perused the restaurant's enticing menu before deciding to share one appetizer and two main dishes. The three creamy soups included in our soup sampler appetizer were extraordinarily flavorful and left us excited to taste our next course. Unfortunately, our excitement waned as the lag time between courses grew. More than thirty uncomfortable minutes later (uncomfortable, as an excessively large and bright spotlight from a nighttime taping of a One Tree Hill episode shone through the restaurant's windows directly into our faces) our entrees arrived. Thankfully they were well executed and highly enjoyable. The scallops were beautifully seared, and the sweet, buttery sauce was a delightful complement. The chicken was moist and tender with its unique and thoughtful nacho stuffing. Although a bit overpriced (the chicken dish was $35- Sarah thinks chicken should never cost more than $27- I'm not entirely clear how she arrived at this arbitrary amount but she is very adamant about it), dinner at Chamayo Restaurant was a memorable end to our quick trip.

The meal began with warm squares of potato bread and a metallic tasting cilantro dipping sauce

Soup sampler- arturo's tortilla soup (spicy with cubes of cheddar cheese, a scoop of guacamole, and fried tortilla strips), crab and corn chowder (with the crab on the side because of Sarah's deadly shellfish allergy), and roasted pumpkin soup (with a large chunk of blue cheese and dried cranberries)

Acapulco style pan seared sea scallops- fresh diver sea scallops seared golden brown and served with whipped sweet potatoes. Drizzled with a blood orange and jalapeno buerre blanc

Stuffed breast of chicken "nachos grande style"- roasted chicken breast filled with Chimayo's special nachos. Served with freshly made guacamole and salsa de chile rojo

The bright spotlight from the taping of a One Tree Hill episode- shining directly in our faces as we tried to enjoy dinner

Our cozy seats


  1. How could One Tree Hill ruin anything...LOVE that show!

  2. If it were an episode of Friday Night Lights I could have overlooked it!