Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coffee & Tea Festival NYC

Tea exhibitors dominated at the sparse, disappointing 5th annual Coffee & Tea Festival NYC. The event was held this weekend on the eleventh floor at 7W New York, an excessively bright space with a sterile vibe. Folding tables draped in white lined the aisles and provided a stage for each exhibitor to display its goods. This year's participants included local and international tea and coffee, food, and soap companies (who wouldn't expect to see a soap salesperson at a coffee and tea festival- seems appropriate).

As someone with a strong affection for tea, the festival sounded promising- unfortunately the slight caffeine boost and sample laden plastic gift bag were not worth the price of admission.

The Tea Set's founder, Jacques, is originally from France but settled in Manhattan and opened a store in the West Village
Tavalon's tea infused gummy bears
A gift box from Tavalon
What would a coffee and tea event be without Starbucks
SerendipiTea provided samples of one of my favorite teas- Buccaneer
A cooled masala chai from Rishi Tea
A perfect tea accompaniment- Red Bee Honey

Montauk Beverage Works' slogan "soda is so over."
Setting up for the Korean tea ceremony
Harney & Sons sold copies of its book "Guide To Tea"
The most interesting tea I tasted at the event was a naturally sweet hydrangea leaf tea from Hancha Tea
I was told Fang's Leaves & Petals gourmet tea blends (made with dried flowers) have slimming powers
Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons from Erica's Rugelach and Baking Company
The spreadable fruits from Massachusetts based Deborah's Kitchen are all natural

Spirits-infused mini bundt cakes from The Great Spirits Baking Company
Best Friends Cocoa sold bags of its all-natural gourmet cocoa mixes
The strangest addition- glycerin soap from Primal Elements


  1. Pick me up some of that slimming tea...God knows I could definitely use it!

  2. I'll take the tea infused gummy bears.

  3. looks like the soap was on sale too!

  4. some of the soaps were made with coffee beans and others with green tea. so, i think they connected to the show. great programming. nice selection of vendors.