Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nantucket After Dark

I can't say I actively sought out Nantucket's nightlife during my recent stay on the island, but what little of it I did experience I thoroughly enjoyed. I have divided my take on what I call Nantucket After Dark into three categories:

The first thing that grabs you when you head in the direction of Nantucket's The Juice Bar is the enticing aroma of freshly baked waffle cones. Located near Steamship Wharf, The Juice Bar sells home made ice cream and yogurt in flavors such as crantucket and blueberry muffin, smoothies made with fresh fruit juices, and a variety of baked goods. While I didn't find anything particularly special about the mint chocolate chip ice cream I sampled, it was satisfying and my waffle cup was crisp and sweet. The store's popularity is undeniable. Each time I passed The Juice Bar every one of it's three lines wrapped around the block with customers old and young. On a given summer night it appears to be the leading after dinner activity for families.

Hungry patrons waiting in line at The Juice Bar on a foggy, humid night on Nantucket

The smell of freshly baked waffle cones wafts through the dense fog for several blocks

It is difficult to decide with so many delicious flavors at your disposal

This small sign is an attempt to control the chaotic lines

A satisfying waffle cup filled with home made mint chocolate chip ice cream

A nice balance of chocolate and peanut butter packed in a waffle cone

AMONGST THE SLEEK (White Elephant's Brant Point Grill)
The outside bar at White Elephant's Brant Point Grill offers an attractive setting overlooking the Nantucket Harbor and is frequented by a sleek young crowd. It is here that I met a new friend, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. Who knew such wonders existed in this world? I credit the adorable, friendly bartender Christina for introducing me to this tasty new friend through a fantastic drink called "John Daly". A John Daly, the alcoholic version of an Arnold Palmer, is made by mixing sweet tea vodka with lemonade. As a huge fan of sweet tea, I quickly became a huge fan of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, the outside bar at Brant Point Grill, John Daly drinks, and Christina. It was a memorable night and a memorable setting (lucky for me we left before too many John Dalys erased those memories- they are so good that they are bound to be dangerous!).

The outside bar at White Elephant's Brant Point Grill has an exceptional view and great service

Our magnetic bartender Christina (who is working to put herself through medical school) and my first glimpse of a John Daly

A new discovery, and one I won't easily forget- Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

SOUND THE BLACKOUT ALERT (The Brotherhood of Thieves)
An 1840's whaling bar, The Brotherhood of Thieves is a cozy pub with a great deal of noticeable history. It's walls are lined with exposed brick and it is lit by gas lanterns. The laidback feel reminds me of a favorite bar in my hometown- where my girlfriends and I would play our favorite songs on the jukebox and catch up over a few beers (ultimately leading to my shot loving friend to demand we all down shots of Crown Royal). The Brotherhood of Thieves is the type of place you can easily relax and enjoy a cold beer...followed by many more.

Our bartender, who is leaving Nantucket for Las Vegas, poured us several tall drinks

Exposed brick and gas lanterns line the walls

Channeling Lennon- Sarah, her mother and uncle doing their impression of Abbey Road after a few drinks at The Brotherhood of Thieves


  1. My mom thinks you are a fantastic writer and are therefore invited back next year.


  2. Stumbled across your blog after googling Juice Bar. Lived on Nantucket for the summer and fell in love with their amazing ice cream. Next time, try the cookies n's to die for! I actually lived with Christina your bartender from the Brant Point Grill. Small world! Nice blog :)

    Lorna (Cork, Ireland)