Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I always marvel when one store fails and another of like kind quickly sprouts up in its stead. While I was walking home from dinner in yesterday's sweltering summer heat, I noticed that my neighborhood Red Mango, located at 688 6th Avenue, has closed it's doors. Apparently this location handed out its last cup of frozen yogurt on August 9th. Not to worry- I didn't spend too long wondering where I might be able to locate an alternative dessert. Although Red Mango's sign still stands, a store by the name of "22 happy cups" has begun to lay its groundwork in Red Mango's grave. Unfamiliar with this company and unable to find credible information on the internet, I stopped to speak with the store's owners. In an attempt to distinguish itself from other frozen yogurt chains, 22 happy cups will offer frozen yogurt (yes, frozen yogurt again...), crepes, and coffee/tea. It's owners plan to open the doors to patrons in just two short days. Hopefully with crepes on its menu (who doesn't love a good crepe?) this new venture will have more success than its predecessor.

Red Mango's sign is still up, but its last day of operation at 688 6th Ave was Aug 9th

22 happy cups plans to start serving New Yorkers in 2 days

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