Monday, May 11, 2009

A Fare Fight

My husband and I first met in high school, and thankfully we both remain extremely close to the core group of friends we made back then. We were happily surrounded with great people and great fare this past weekend as two of our high school friends got married in upstate New York (congratulations Joe and Tara!). As we celebrated into the early morning hours, I realized, through a haze caused by a few too many glasses of wine, just how little we've all changed. We have always been a group of overachievers and not one of us is willing to accept defeat lightly. Whenever we are lucky enough to get together, this stubbornness usually leads to one friendly competition after another. This weekend was like any other- save for the fact the wedding party was dressed a littler nicer than normal.

Food-centric competitions are a favorite of mine. With a bonfire and all the necessary components for a classic dessert before us, the war of the weekend's perfect s'more was destined to take place. S'mores were fired off left and right while techniques were hashed out. Are the graham crackers heated; should the chocolate remain in solid form or should it be spreadable; will there be deductions for charred marshmallows; is assembly time a factor? With no definitive answer to these questions, the battle ensued...

In my opinion, Eric crafted a highly satisfying s'more. The marshmallow was browned to perfection, the chocolate was slightly melted and still warm, and the graham crackers were crisp and golden. Using a process I would liken to an assembly line, Andy braved the smoke to hand off one s'more after another while Tim diligently took on two marshmallows at once.
With supplies running low, Garron, a brilliant doctor, upped the ante and changed the rules. Completely blowing everyone away, he had quietly grabbed a turkey sandwich, strategically positioned it on the end of his stick in place of a marshmallow, and roasted it over the open flames until the cheese had melted between two beautifully toasted halves of a roll. It was unanimous- the war was over.

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