Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baseball And Crab Legs?

What could be better than watching a game at the new Yankee stadium with a bag of Bazzini peanuts and a hot dog? Maybe watching a game with a bag of Bazzini peanuts, a hot dog, and endless plates full of steamed Alaskan king crab legs dipped in melted garlic butter?! Food that the average fan would likely never dream of requesting at a baseball stadium has suddenly become desirable. Jack Norworth probably couldn't fathom lyrics like "buy me some crab legs and sirloin steaks, I don't care if my belly aches..." when he penned his 1908 classic "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".

The Audi Yankees Club, situated above leftfield, offers members the opportunity to experience "first class" fare while enjoying panoramic views of the stadium behind floor to ceiling windows. Of course like everything else in NYC this luxury comes at a premium. A ticket into the Audi Yankees Club (full season membership is $600.00) and $65.00 provides access to an endless assortment of food options such as artesian cheeses and dried fruits, soups, seasonal salads, steak, turkey, quesadillas, hot dogs, breads, crab cakes, king crab legs, a variety of dim sum, bacon wrapped asparagus, roasted red pepper mashed potatoes, pastries, cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries and banana, cheesecake, and ice cream. The menu changes with each successive game, and patrons can eat as much as they can stomach (until the food stations close at 6:00 p.m.). Drinks, tax, and gratuity are not included in the $65.00 charge.

Audi Yankees Club menu for Saturday, May 23, 2009

View of the field from tiered seats in the Audi Yankees Club

Pastries, ice cream, and beer in the Audi Yankees Club

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