Friday, July 15, 2011

Fat Fridays: Have Your Cake, Ltd.

This week's Fat Fridays segment turned into a family affair. My parents and sister are visiting, and they were more than happy to join in my quest to find, and eat, a calorie-laden, fat-filled Friday delight. The scene of our snack attack- Quogue's Have Your Cake, Ltd. While the bake shop is filled with assorted temptations, we gravitated to the glass cookie jars sitting atop the long cupcake case. Inside those containers- chocolate crinkle sandwiches bursting with either vanilla or peanut butter frosting. Each $3 cake-style sandwich consists of 2 oversized, bubbly chocolate cookies dusted with confectioner's sugar, and a mound of rich, sweet cream frosting. Paradise in a cookie.

My dad- putting his cash away after picking up the tab for our Fat Fridays indulgence
My sister- trying to get her mouth around a very thick crinkle sandwich

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