Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am not overly religious, but every year during Lent I wage war against one of my more unhealthy vices. This year I attempted to forego chocolate for the 46 day Lenten period (Ash Wednesday, February 17th, through the Saturday before Easter, April 3rd). I was doing extremely well given how much of the sweet confection I typically consume on a daily basis, and even lasted five days in the cold of Utah without one sip of hot chocolate (a feat until itself!).

In an unfortunate (yet delicious) turn of events, I returned home from Utah to find that my father had sent a rather large box of assorted Easter candy (Cadbury creme, caramel, and orange creme eggs, Reese's peanut butter eggs, Whoppers malted robin eggs, juicy Starburst, and my favorite- Cadbury mini eggs). I drooled over the candy for all of 24 hours before I was worn down and ultimately defeated by the Cadbury mini eggs. Chocolate is a powerful thing- and something I clearly do not have the restraint to give up for any reasonable length of time. There's always next year...

The bowl of Easter goodies- missing the Cadbury mini eggs that caused the demise of my Lenten promise